We believe good design does more than just look pleasing. It improves people’s quality of life.

About our Studio

What would life look like without design? It’s hard to imagine, but you know that it wouldn’t make a lot of sense.

Design isn’t just about making something that looks pretty. It’s about improving the quality of life of those who use the design. That’s why we create houses and buildings that actively improve the lives and experiences of our clients. They are beautiful...but they also make sense.

Here’s how. 

We integrate our projects into the environment, creating each structure to fit perfectly into its habitat. We seek to understand the world we live in, designing buildings in harmony with their surroundings. 

It’s holistic. Each project is a puzzle that pieces together exploration and investigation, nature, contemporary technology, local charm, thoughtful materials, and a deep respect for social, economic, and environmental impact.  

Our drive is to compose symphonies that marry reason with emotion, in order to delight the eye, surprise the mind, and build habitats where memories will be made. Each creation is made hand-in-hand with our clients to create real solutions, regardless of the scale or budget. 

Instinto Studio creates sustainable, tropical architecture

At our heart, we create unique experiences with nature

Alejandro González Zamora
Principal Co-Founder.

Alejandro graduated from Veritas University with a degree in Architecture in 2015. From the very beginning, the pursuit of survival in complicated and extreme environments motivated and thrilled him. 

Alejandro seeks to create structures that thrive, despite rain, heat, or foliage of the Costa Rican setting. He exhaustively studies every environmental factor and is meticulous with every detail, from design to materials to construction. There’s a beauty you only see when all the parts of a project come together.

His experience ranges from tropical boutique hotels that delight their guests to private homes that make their inhabitants comfortable and content. He’s as comfortable on the construction site as in the office, an ease that comes from having so many designs go through construction. Alejandro knows what works in construction and how to speak contractor, just some of the many details of the process he is passionate for. 

Not satisfied with remaining static, Alejandro is an avid musician and guitarist in a band, the art director at Studio Hyperspace where he explores artistic expression through large-scale digital illustrations, and a frequent student. He specialized in Project Management at LEAD University and DesignThinking & Business Design at Veritas University.

Laura Morelli Lizano
Principal Co-Founder.

Laura’s vast experience in architecture began in 2008 when she graduated from VeritasUniversity. From there, she hit the ground running, pushing herself to learn as much as she could and expand her knowledge and abilities without ceasing.  

Laura knows the ins and outs of sustainable design, beginning with her Master’s Degree inArchitecture, Energy, and Environment from the ETSAB Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain, where her thesis “Practicable Facade in the Urban Context for Warm Humid Climate” received honorable mentions.  

Over the last decade plus, Laura has only intensified her passion for bioclimatic architecture and how the structures she creates coexist in the tropical context. While her experience is broad, ranging from Costa Rica to Barcelona and back in cities, beaches, mountains and beyond, her expertise can be found in the big picture, as well as details. You’ll find she knows the best materials to use as building facades when building in tropical environments.You’ll also find her searching constantly for better solutions.

There’s little in the architecture world that can daunt Laura, who has over a decade experience with commercial hotels, private homes, remodels, institutions, and dozens of other projects of large and small scale that she’s seen to fruition. Wherever the industry goes, you’ll find Laura there, whether it’s working with sustainable design based on years of experience or exploring new trends.